• Endermologie Cellulite Treatment (35 min) $100

Endermologie is an FDA-approved, full-body lymphatic massage treatment that combines rollers with mild suction to achieve a variety of body shaping goals for men and women. The treatment head uses to motorized device that combines twin rollers and suction to massage deep into the layers of tissue under the skin. This produces a number of beneficial results in the body: Cellulite Reduction, Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, Relieves muscle tension, Boosts lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty tissues, Aids in the reduction / removal of fat cells, Promotes the growth of new collagen and elastin, giving clients a more youthful appearance.

  • RF Body Cellulite Treatment (30 min) $100

Dissolve fat cells with this non-surgical anti-cellulite solution that uses infrared lights and radio waves to loosen fatty deposits, enhance circulation and eliminate fatty toxins. Tighten, firm and slim any area of the body to look and feel gorgeous.